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Reasons to Hire Loss Prevention Security Services

If you own a store or any other retail establishment, then you know that loss of merchandise is a serious loss to your business. Theft from outside parties and even from employees are some of the biggest threats to these kinds of businesses. One of the most effective deterrents against threat is a professional loss prevention security guard in the store. Whether you are looking to hire one officer or a whole team, security guards send the message that security is taken very seriously in your establishment.

Loss prevention security services serve several roles that benefit your retail business. From detecting potential shoplifters to preventing thieves from leaving the store with the merchandise, security guards that have a specialized skill in loss prevention can be your most valuable asset in keeping your retail business safe and secure. Here are four reasons to hire loss prevention security guards for your business.

Prevent Employee Theft

It is an unfortunate reality that a huge majority of theft that happens in retail stores happens at the hands of the employees themselves. Being the employer, despite your efforts of hiring honest and reliable employees, sometimes this is just impossible to avoid. According to statistics, employee theft cost businesses billions of dollars a year. Theft comes in many forms and can be done by employees of all levels of the organization. Part-time employees can take home few pieces of apparel that unnoticed or even steal small amounts of money from the register.

In any case, employee theft is costly. When left unchecked, it can cause a business to shut their doors for good. A highly experienced loss prevention security guards will know and study your business and then identify suspicious behavior among the employees. They should be ideally positioned to observe the action of the employees and stop theft before it even gets out of hand.

Train Employees to Spot Thieves

One more crucial reason to hire loss prevention security services is the knowledge that they can share with your employees. Lots of employees might not be aware of the warnings signs of a potential thief in action. A well-trained guard can effectively train your team to point out suspicious behavior, as well as how to appropriately act when they notice something is not right. Educated employees are one of your strongest defenses against retail store theft, both external and internal.

Identify and Catch Thieves

It takes a good, trained eye to spot suspicious behaviors and activities that can lead to theft. With a reputable and qualified loss prevention security officer in the business premises, you can stop such crimes before they even happen. These highly skilled guards know the body language that signals a person might be on the verge of committing a crime. Officers will have good knowledge of the inventory on the establishment and will be the first to know should something goes missing.

Perform Theft Investigations

Loss prevention security officers are trained to get the necessary information to help prevent crime, and aid law enforcement to do the same thing. They know the different kinds of evidence and how to handle, and other necessary information that police need to find. A good security guard gives both the store management and the authorities all the important details to find the thieves and stop them from ever stealing from the retail store again.

If you own a retail establishment that faces the threat of theft, it helps to have a reliable loss prevention security officers on your side. With well-trained, professional guards on your team, you can effectively prevent theft and even save your store from losing money.

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