Workplace Safety
on COVID-19

Protect Your Employees and Minimize the Spread of COVID-19

The tragedy that is the COVID-19 has left everyone vulnerable and at-risk. With the threat that this virus poses, business have started to come up with measures to ensure the safety of their staff, workplaces and community.

Workplace temperature checks screen your employees for fever symptoms – a known indicator and one of the first recognisable symptoms of coronavirus – and give you and your employees confidence that your workplace is safe and symptom-free.

Covid-19 Testing and Security Service
Covid-19 Testing and Security Service

Why Choose Us for Workplace Safety on COVID-19?

We employ temperature checks to screen employees for fever symptoms, along with other measures to give you and your staff confidence and peace of mind that your business remains safe and symptom-free.

We have specially trained guards with high social skills and tact to handle any situation, as well as the necessary testing equipment and PPEs to carry out these vital services for your organization.


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