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5 Practical Tips for a Successful Security Patrol

With the increasing crime rates, it has become more important than ever to hire security guards to give efficient patrolling services. A professional security guard has to be more watchful and alert to avoid unwanted incidents in the area they are assigned to. Patrolling is an important part of a security guard’s job to ensure that the property and people around them are safe. When burglary and crimes are more common than you think, it is crucial that the guard tour covers every nook and corner of the place they are tasked to patrol.

Whether done by foot or by vehicle, patrolling allows you to quickly respond to situations that otherwise can turn worse when left unattended. Patrolling helps security personnel monitor visitors, suspects, and other isolated areas. To give proactive security, keep in mind the following tips in mind:

  1. Allocate checkpoint locations. One important element of efficient patrolling is the allocation of checkpoints in the area. Ensure that the checkpoint is close to the regular patrolling way. This means that the checkpoint should be easily accessible to the security personnel who are making the rounds. Also make sure that the location overlooks an ample view of the area of your assignment.
  2. Wear comfortable footwear. If you are assigned on foot patrol, it is important that you have comfortable shoes that will allow you to walk for the entirety of your shift. Take note that you might have to buy them on your own if your company cannot give you good quality shoes. When buying shoes, ensure that they are lightweight, supportive and have rubber soles. If you are having a hard time deciding on the kind of shoes to buy, you can get the ones used by law enforcement agencies.
  3. Carry your gear and equipment at all times. Never move around without your defensive gear, especially if you are patrolling alone. For instance, if the job requires that you have a baton to deal with aggressive people or a flashlight when you inspect dark areas, ensure that you have these with you. Consequently, a belt allows security guards to carry all important objects. For example, a pepper spray is handy to stop assaulters without fighting them. Before you start your patrol, ensure that you are properly equipped with all important tools and gears.
  4. Do your patrol intervals randomly. Instead of performing at the same time each hour, schedule them randomly to prevent criminals from predicting the timing of your interval. Changing your patrolling route is just as important as changing your patrol intervals. It is unfortunate that many inexperienced security guards take the same route and time of patrolling. Take different routes to guard the area or use other routes before tracing back your own route. Such small changes will make unpredictable for suspects to track your route at a given time.
  5. Stop, look and listen. Patrolling does not mean watching things as you move on. Make it more purposeful instead by keeping your eyes and ears open to the things all around. It is hard to object a person or object when mobbing, so stand still and listen so you can observe everything moving in your view. Do not walk too close to the corners because it might make you prone to criminal attacks who might be hiding there.

There are highly efficient security patrolling techniques that will help you protect the property of your client, including even your life. Combine these tips with your alertness, fitness, and dedication to give incident-free security services. Contact a reputable professional security guard service now to help you get started.

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