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Best Ways to Prevent Theft at Your Small Retail Business

Retail stores have a high chance of being a victim of shoplifting and other forms of theft. The only way to prevent this issue from happening to increase the security measures in your school. Greet customers, train and screen employees and make other changes around the retail location to make your store a more secure place with fewer losses because of theft.

Greet Your Customers and Be Hands-On

Greet people as they come in the door. Being friendly is a good customer service, similar to offering to help customers when they need it. If you and your employees have a hands-on approach to customer service, your friendliness also sends a subtle message to your customers that they are seen and acknowledged.

If you pay attention to your customers, you show that their presence and activity need to be noticed. For normal customers, while this attention is a positive thing, this is certainly a negative thing for potential shoplifters. Watch your customers, stay vigilant and be helpful in keeping the shoplifters and other bad elements away from your business.

Carefully Screen New Employees

Employee theft cost businesses billions of dollars every year. Properly screen your job candidates to avoid these big losses. Interview your applicants many times, thoroughly read job applications, and contact references so you can effectively screen your employees and avoid making crucial hiring mistakes.

To make comparisons easier, ask all the candidates the same questions, and make sure that you take note of their responses. Do these same things each time you interview people to hire a new worker for your company.

Give Security Training to Employees

Security training will teach your employees what you should watch out for when identifying shoplifters. You might have to contact local security forms to determine if there are any security trainings being offered in your area.

If there are no security trainings available, you can offer your own in-house training instead. Contact a reputable security firm in your area and find out if they can send someone to your business to talk to your employees and give warnings signs of a shoplifter.

Keep a Written Security Policy

What should your employees do if they think that they are in the presence of a shoplifter? Write down this information and distribute it like a flyer to all your staff members. With a written policy, you can ensure that all your employees will react to shoplifters in a way that you approve and in a way that will protect the business best.

Install a Bell on Your Door

It can be hard to watch customers if you do not know they have walked through your doors. Place a bell on the door of your store to alert your working staff each time a new customer walks in or leaves.

There are stores that will use an alarm instead of a bell. However, alarms can be off-putting to good customers. It can also ruin the mood of the people as they are shopping. A bell gives a more pleasant noise and should be better received by your legitimate customers.

Improve Lighting

Shoplifters are scared of stores with good lighting, usually because you easily see the shoplifting happen, catching the person in the act. To prevent theft in your store, improve lighting. Consider installing more lights, or brighter light bulbs. Look for a good contractor and ask how this can be done in a way that is effective yet attractive.

A trustworthy security company can help you with your retail business to avoid theft and shoplifting. Such company can help you identify the conditions that are prone to shoplifting. Your security company can also help you closely monitor your store.

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