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Get the Best Advice for Safety of Road Users and Workers

Roads are the main source of travel and logistical support. When they are not properly maintained, all the necessities become very expensive and hard to get. Road construction is a necessary hassle that motorists should live with. New roads can hasten travel and give access to products and services people rely on every day. Road work is an ongoing project that ensures current roads are safe for travel. In these times, to ensure safety, both road construction workers and road users should follow strict safety protocols. Here are the top tips to ensure safety for road users and workers.

  • Plan and prepare. Numerous factors must be considered when planning road construction projects, including weather, large events, peak hours and holidays, among many others. Ideally, construction should be planned when the area is at its lowest usage rate. The public should be informed of all upcoming and current road construction projects and be advised on personal safety and how to avoid traffic and accidents. Create a traffic control plan to safely manage vehicle flow, road workers, and heavy machinery.
  • Correct traffic control. Traffic should be mediated all the time while construction is in effect. Traffic control should place indicators and warning signs to alert motorists of the road construction and the changes it brings in the flow of traffic. Indicators and signs should be visible 500 meters before and all throughout the construction zone.
  • Start the day with a safety meeting. Conditions and activities in the road construction area differ day by day. Conducting a short meeting at the start of the workday gives time for the road workers to be briefed on the scheduled work activities and the potential hazards of the day.
  • Wear proper safety equipment. Personal protective equipment or safety equipment should be always worn by all workers if they are within the work zone. This includes steel-toe boots, reflective clothing, hearing aid, and hard hats.
  • Divide work zones efficiently. To cut costs, time, and increase safety in road projects, work zones are divided into sections to help prevent accidents. Work zones can be very busy with several activities taking place all at the same time. By using barriers, tapes, barrels, and cones, work zones can be sectioned off to allow safe movement of road workers, storage, vehicles, heavy machinery, and preparation stations.
  • Routine safety checks onsite. Craft a safety plan consisting of daily safety inspections. First aid supplies, emergency protocols, and safety equipment should be inspected regularly. Implement safety equipment inspections and roll call during your morning meetings.
  • Stay hydrated. Temperatures on asphalt can get 2 degrees higher than the surrounding temperatures. Road workers need to drink lots of liquids with electrolytes. They should try to stay out of direct sunlight when they can to avoid heat exhaustion, heat stroke and dehydration.

Keeping workers safe during road projects needs planning and constant vigilance. Keep these tips in mind to make the jobsite safer, but more things can still be done. To maintain the highest possible safety standards on a roadwork project, contact a reputable safety agency today to make it happen.

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