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The Customer Service Responsibilities of Security Officers

The main role of a security guard is to help protect and secure. Most security guard jobs, however, entail more than just looking into space and ensuring that everyone is safe. In many ways, the job of a security guard and customer service go hand in hand. There are lots of customer service responsibilities that should go along with security responsibilities.

  1. Greet customers. If customers want a question answered or if someone wants to greet a customer, one of the first people that a person comes into contact with is security personnel. Having a guard serves as your first point of contact for a customer not only provides customer service; it also helps the security guard remain aware of everyone entering the building. By communicating with the customers, the guard can deescalate a situation.
  2. Male a good first impression. Security usually serve as the first impression a customer has of your business. Thus, it is important that your security personnel maintain excellent physical appearance. Customers mostly see guards first before hearing them, so the appearance of security should never be underestimated. Although a guard can wear standard, professional security guard uniform, you can opt to let them wear less formal clothing or one that displays the company brand.
  3. Protect and communicate with customers. Aside from protecting your property, it is also the job of a security guard that the customers are safe. For example, if there is a hazard in the store building that customers are not aware of, the guard should inform them. If they know that they are protected, they will more likely feel relaxed. Good security guards are friendly, polite and have good communication skills. Noteworthy events should be recorded so you are aware of all things happening in your property. A skilled security guard will write clear and concise reports that state only the facts.
  4. Offer assistance. If a customer needs assistance, a security guard is the best person to approach. For example, if a customer does not know how to get to a particular building, a security guard can direct them to the right direction. Offering assistance can be as easy as holding open the door. In times of emergency, the best person to contact are security staff. A good security guard can do all these without being distracted from their main job of keeping your building safe. If someone is hurt, the guard can give first aid and call emergency services if needed.
  5. Secure the premise. Guards play a crucial role in protecting the occupants of a building and in working with law enforcement against crime. If a crime happens, the reports made by the guards will be used in the investigation. The security guard can also detain anyone who committed a crime. Premises that are secured will cause customers to patronize your business over others, whether you hired armed or unarmed security guards.

The job of a security guard can be hard. Aside from their numerous responsibilities, guards are also expected to help people when they are at their worst. For instance, if a person has his car stolen, highly trained security personnel can effectively handle the situation. Get in touch with a professional security services company that will meet all your needs.

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