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A Career in Security – 5 Things You Need to Know

People working in the field of security have to ensure that the environment, information, and infrastructure are safe by watching over people and property. If you are a service member or veteran, your mission in the field is to give security. It can be a challenging field to get into, but the things that you reap are all worth it. Are you considering a career in the security industry? Here are five things you need to know.

Security is a Growing Industry

A study found that the security field is worth billions of dollars. Both the public and private sectors are increasingly finding their assets at risk in this uncertain world. With technology advancing fast, we now have the faculties to identify vulnerabilities, which has made the demand for specialists more desirable than ever. Research has shown that crime, cybersecurity, natural disasters, mobile technology, and globalization are the biggest security risks that we can anticipate in the next few years.

Security Needs are Growing with Technological Advancements

With the advent and continuous growth of the internet, the need for security in the area of surveillance is steadily increasing. We are seeing many emerging concerns such as cyber threats that have to be addressed to remain secure and efficient. The assets that companies and government agencies need to be protected are no longer just physical objects; these assets are now stored in computers and online. Keeping information and knowledge safe is more important than ever.

Security Degree Programs are Growing in Numbers

From criminal justice to information technology to cyber technology, the degree programs that are associated with security are on the rise. Schools and colleges that offer degrees in this field are well aware of the importance and impact of industry training. Also, with these programs, once the degree requirements are completed, these will help get the attention of employers and clients alike.

Security Industry Requires Specific Skills

Among security service companies, oral communication, persuasive influencing, decision making, and maximizing performance are just some of the competencies that are required from future security professionals. According to experts, there are 22 areas that security industry professionals need to work on for them to be successful. However, the lack of cohesion across different industry standards and sectors at educational institutions is seen as the biggest challenge for both public and private sector stakeholders.

Security Industry Offers a Variety of Jobs

A study revealed that jobs in the security industry are very much diverse. Companies all over the world are looking for security specialists who can deal with network and computer security, access control, liability insurance, violent crime, terrorism, workplace violence, and garage and parking lot security. The same study also showed that investigators or private detectives are one of the fastest-growing occupations, with anticipated growth of up to 21 percent in the next year. There are also many IT positions expected to grow over 20 percent for next year.

Indeed, the security industry is a growing industry that merits our attention. In the near future, we can only expect it to flourish and more and more individuals and companies see the need to protect their assets. If you are not sure about getting a career in security, these factors just might convince you to do so.

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