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Best Way to Enhance Security of Your Workplace and Employees

Every workplace needs to make sure that it meets the proper safety and health regulations. Having efficient and effective organizational security and safety processes can help manage and prevent theft, damage, and injury in the workplace. Being a business owner, it is your responsibility to your employees to maintain safety in the workplace. Below are five of the best ways to do so.

Implement and Promote a Security System

Proper security systems are no longer reserved for large businesses. There are now more options in the market and having video surveillance has become more and more common for small businesses. Once you have a security system in place, make sure that potential intruders are aware of it. Crime doers are less likely to target a house if they see security signs or cameras. Follow this example for your business and stop potential criminals by advertising your security measures. Have signages about your security system at all your entry and exit points.

Regularly Check All Exit and Entry Points

Open reception spaces, unsecured fire stairwells, and broken elevators offer perpetrators the chance to access your business. Regularly check these areas to see if there are any vulnerabilities and make sure to correct if there are any on your property as soon as you can. Many intruders enter establishments through windows and doors. Continuously check on these areas.

Train All Employees on Safety and Security

Employees usually serve your eyes and ears if you are not present. Thus, it is important that all of them are on board with protecting your business and know the security and safety procedures you have put in place. Drum up some interest in the safety and security of your business by involving them in the planning process of these procedures. Encourage them to give input and feedback to give them a sense of responsibility. A few priority areas to train your employees on include reporting suspicious activity, safe practices in opening and closing the business building, and safe processing and handling of cash.

Create a Culture around Security and Safety

Schedule regular safety refresher courses on workplace security for your employees, including in-depth training when orienting new employees or transfers. Offer an opportunity for your staff to anonymously report any issues that they have seen if they do not feel that they can speak publicly about something that they might have witnessed in the workplace.

Secure Workspaces

Although there is a big emphasis on preventing potential intruders from entering the business premises, preventative measures can be taken to minimize damage and theft if someone still gets in. Start by reminding the staff to not leave valuable items out where they are easily accessible. Secure all paperwork, especially those that contain sensitive information, and keep those that need to be shredded in a discreet place. Get your employees into the habit of locking and checking windows and doors if they plan on working late.

The time that you invest in ensuring security and safety in the workplace will pay off in the long run. If you find the whole process too overwhelming to handle on your own, consider bringing an expert in risk management. These professionals can assess your business and its security needs and create a management plan unique to your situation.

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